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You are invited to take an adventure at Gymboland in AFI Ploiesti, where you will find the largest ship ready to get you on board! Whether you imagine yourself a pirate, navigating the deepest seas in search of the most mysterious hidden treasures, or you are a skillful explorer discovering new realms, this is the place where you can give free play to your imagination.

The modular structure is full of elements dedicated to children of all ages – soft, inflatable toys, slides, trampolines, swimming pools and cannon guns – and for the bravest ones, we have available a lake, with electric boats which are easy to handle, but difficult to leave.

Gymboland anticipates the parents’ needs, becoming a hopeful help in the most important day of the child, by organizing the most beautiful anniversaries.

And as an extra creativity on the part of Gymboland team, you should know that you will constantly enjoy with us the events and courses dedicated to children, which will be organized periodically, thus the playground becoming an endless source of fun!

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