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Market leader in the slot machines industry, according to specialized rankings, Max Bet offer its customers the highest class of gaming and entertainment services in the most spectacular places of Romania.

In more than 90 locations across the country, Max Bet operates more than 4,500 of gaming equipment provided by the world’s largest manufacturers, which are annually updated with the latest technological developments in the field.

The goal of Max Bet is to offer memorable experiences for all customers and in all categories of locations, from street locations to high-class ones located in the largest shopping centers of the country.

In AFI Ploiesti and AFI Ploiesti high class locations, Max Bet welcomes you in a friendly and electrifying atmosphere with a variety of weekly and monthly events with famous guests of the Romanian show bizz.

The professional personnel are always at the customers’ disposal in all Max Bet locations, providing clear and complete information on all services and categories of prizes, local and extended jackpots, promotional campaigns, Bonus Club system, etc.

In addition to the winnings that wait for you at Max Bet, you can always visit any gaming room either to relax in an intimate and comfortable place, or to have fun with your friends.

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