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TED’s Coffee Shop

Whether it’s a latte, a cappuccino or a frappe, people are addicted to coffee, and in this context, specialty coffee has seen explosive growth in recent years. Ted’s Coffee Co. was born out of the passion for coffee, by developing a new concept in support of the consumers eager to enjoy a quality product.


Ted’s No 6 is a mixture of 6 coffees of 100% Arabic origin, from Guatemala, El Salvador, Ethiopia, India, Brazil.

Very well balanced, caramel and cocoa flavored and having a sweet tobacco retro-taste, medium acidity, Ted’s coffee will surprise even the most exigent tastes.

All our drinks are based on espresso, which, by means of CSC certification, guarantees the quality and authenticity of coffee. We use only quality ingredients by offering a wide range of coffee based products, from classic to personalized signatures. Extremely competitive prices, fast and friendly service and our knowledge of coffee are some of our factors that make the difference.

Passionate about coffee and coffee making art. All our barristers are trained to make coffee according to the highest standards and to serve it professionally and always with a large smile.

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