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Car Wash Spalatorie Auto

City Car Wash is a car care center with an important reputation, due to the quality and professionalism of the services provided by our professional team, the proof being the important number of cars and satisfied customers that visit us every day. We know that time is the most expensive resource, this is why we came up with a new idea in Romania, to locate the car care center in a commercial area, where the time spent to meet your personal needs overlaps the time allocated to your car, namely in AFI Ploiesti shopping center (Bucharest & Ploiesti).

As a proof of confidence in and appreciation of our services, a great number of customers trust us by leaving their cars in our care throughout the whole cosmetic process, thus being able to have more time for their pleasures or needs. We offer our customers high quality services by the variety of the packages we offer and we combine them so that the result is faultless and we also offer you various offers and promotions accessible to any budget!

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