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“IMPRINTO – a modern concept on the product customizing services market

As a result of permanent concerns to respond quickly to the demands and needs of the customers, company Trodat-stampile Express launches new IMPRINTO concept and services.

The new visual identity – IMPRINTO customizes for you – approaches a modern style, according to the advanced technologies used to customize on the spot an extensive range of products: stamps, business cards, textiles, cups, gifts and others.

You can find the advantages of MPRINTO quality services and the support of the team of experts in the entire network consisting of 70 stores plus the most recent stores of AFI Ploiesti and AFI Ploiesti.

We are pleased to introduce in Romania the IMPRINTO concept designed especially to be more flexible in what concerns urgent and various demands of our customers – Serban Moisa, the president of the company, declared. Established in 1991, company Trodat-stampile Express is the leader in this field in Romania.

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