The dose of inspiration, pleasure or energy on your way to shopping

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Inmedio is the place where you can stop anytime for a dose of inspiration, pleasure or energy on your way to shopping. We are waiting for you with a friendly smile and everything you need to feed your passion, hobbies and pleasures: from a flavored coffee to a good book, from small treats to helpful services that help you solve everything on the go.

Inmedio offers you a wide range of products, well-organized in order to find them immediately:

Tobacco and accessories

Newspapers and books: international newspapers and magazines, readings for all tastes, food for mind and soul

Refreshments to quench thirst in shopping fever; you will surely find your favorite drinks!

Freshly grounded coffee for a fabulous energy dose

Snacks to enjoy on the go, in order for hunger or lust not to keep you back

And many others!

Furthermore, we make available to you a series of useful services:

Lottery tickets distributed by the Romanian Lottery

Electronic loading for your mobile prepaid card

Tickets to concerts, shows and festivals from

Furthermore, at Inmedio you will always find a friendly team, fast service, pleasant atmosphere and many smiles. All you need to improve your shopping day.

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