Cupio is a 100% Romanian brand, launched in 2012, in Timișoara, which sells over 10,000 professional cosmetics through the 20 physical stores opened in Romania, but also through the online platform

The brand’s mission is to give women the opportunity to truly satisfy their desire to feel beautiful, enjoying the benefits of professional cosmetics. Cupio stores have both professional use products for beauty salons and personal care products, such as manicures, makeup, hair and body care.

The most well-known products in the Romanian company’s portfolio are semi-permanent nail polishes and UV gel gels, which is why Cupio was designated the number 1 brand in Romania in the field of manicure * (* according to a study by Market Vector, which analyzed sales in locations from shopping centers in Romania, in 2018-2019). Cupio also has its own sub-brands, such as: CupioGels, Cupio To Go, Cupio One Step, Cupio Acryl DELUXE, CupioLash, Cupio Make-up Pro, Cupio ProDepil, Cupio in the City, Cupio Spa, Cupio Skin Care, Muah.






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