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Digi store is delimited in several areas: counseling and sale of landline services Digi TV, Digi Net, Digi Tel, mobile services – Digi Mobil, where the users have access to a wide range of mobile phones, as well as the invoice area, where the customers can pay their monthly invoices.
The visitors are advised by the company’s representatives who introduce them the wide range of services, so that they choose the most appropriate solutions for their communication needs.
RCS & RDS currently owns over 175 Digi stores and 200 points of presence nationwide.

RCS & RDS is one of the most important providers of integrated telecommunication services in the region which provides services under Digi brand in Romania, Hungary, Spain and Italy.
Currently, the company is leader on the Romanian market of cable and satellite television services under Digi TV brand, of internet services under Digi Net brand, an alternative provider of landline services, Digi Tel, but also of mobile service, Digi Mobil, which is under continuous development.
By means of Digi Business division, corporate customers benefit from integrated telecommunication solutions and benefit from the quality and security of Digi services, but also from permanent consultancy and assistance for the good performance of their business.
By launching Digi Online platform the company has made an important step in its evolution as online content provider, by completing the classic experience of TV content consumption.
The company owns the only full HD news television, Digi24 HD, with 8 local stations, 3 sports channels, Digi Sport 1, 2 and 3, which broadcast the most important sports competitions of Romania and of the world, a Pay-TV movie channel, Digi Film, 3 documentary channels, Digi World, Digi Life and Digi Animal World, a music channel, Utv and 4 radio stations: Pro FM, DigiFM, MUSIC FM and DANCE FM.

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