Farmec, the most important cosmetics manufacturer of Romania, offers excellence in cosmetics closer to the Romanians. Gerovital store offers a wide range of over 300 cosmetic products. By being made in state-of-the-art laboratories and born out of the passion and permanent research of Gerovital experts, the products of Farmec company are appreciated in more than 30 markets across the continents.

Gerovital is the most beloved Romanian brand and a symbol of domestic beauty since 1967, when Professor Ana Aslan created Gerovital H3. Gerovital products, renowned and appreciated both in the country, and abroad, are based on 100% Romanian recipes using natural ingredients, in a perfect merging of tradition and innovation in cosmetics. The brand includes carefully created ranges for hair and skin care, and the top quality demonstrated in nearly 50 years of tradition, brought it many awards. In 2015, Gerovital brand obtained the title of SUPERBRAND 2015 and distinguished by quality, performance and popularity of over 1500 brands analyzed by Superbrands Romania. Skin care AslaVital products are based on an exceptional ingredient, 100% Romanian pure clay, originating from a unique source, Padurea Craiului Mountains. The world’s first clay-based range, AslaVital is an original concept of delaying and preventing skin aging, which exploits the exceptional power of clay.

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