This summer, the sweet Masha is visiting AFI Ploiesti! Not alone, but with her best friend, the Bear. For over a month, the two of them stay at AFI Ploieşti, where they are waiting for the little ones with a lot of fun activities, inspired by their magical world!

Come with your little child at the interactive exhibition in AFI Ploiesti and enjoy the surprises waiting for you in the specially arranged space from the 1st floor. Here is the trail prepared for you:

  • The Bear’s House – The place where the story begins. The little ones will be greeted here and will take pictures;
  • The Garden – The children will make the first stop in the garden, where they will play on the flower-shaped trampoline. They will compete in jumping and those who will jump the highest and touch the lights in the ceiling will win;
  • The Fun Tree – The little ones will head joyfully to the Fun Tree, a tree that will teach them to distinguish vegetables and fruits through an exciting game;
  • Masha’s Room – The Bear loves Masha very much, so he sewed her a lot of dresses. Here, the little girls can try Masha’s costumes and scarves. At the same time, children will have the opportunity to play with kinetic sand.
  • The Ambulance – Because it’s important to take care of your friends, the Wolf will drive the little ones to his Ambulance and teach them how to give the first aid.
  • Educational movie – In the end, the children will watch an interesting movie about bees, the Bear’s friends.

The adventure will end with the mascots of Masha and the Bear that will take pictures and will have fun with children. Come with your little one at AFI Ploiesti to discover together the colorful world of his favorite heroes!

The entrance is free of charge and the entries are made at the exhibition’s Info Desk on the day of the event, from 11:00 to 21:00.

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