It’s time to go…back to shopping!
Be a straight-A shopper this autumn and you’ll be top of the mall class!
Complete your Shopping Report Card and you have a chance to win a trip to Disneyland for you and your family!*
*The trip is available for 3 persons (2 adults and one kid under 18 years old)
Plus, we invite you to give the Card back together with a family photo taken at the Selfie Mirror in the mall or another family photo that you love. You can also send us the photo on the AFI Ploiesti Facebook page (in a private message, together with your contact information). You and your loved ones will have the chance to become the imagine of the AFI Ploiesti Family and also win a Shopping Scholarship, for a year of indulgences!**
**AFI Gift Card with a monthly amount of 1000 lei, valid for shopping in partner stores from AFI Ploiesti.
How to enter the campaign:
1. Take your Shopping Report Card from the campaign Info Desk (at the Dalia entrance) or from the promotors you’ll find in the mall (available daily from 12.00 to 20.00);
2. Shop for a minimum amount of 300 lei, score your A grade and complete the Shopping Report Card with your contact information;
3. Leave the Shopping Report Card at the campaign Info Desk and you will automatically enter the draw for a trip to Disneyland;
4. Plus, you can attach a family photo to your Card – you will enter the contest for becoming the image of the AFI Ploiesti Family together with your dear ones and win a Shopping Scholarship for a year of indulgences! You can also send your family photo on the AFI Ploiesti Facebook page! (in a private message, with your contact information)

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