Refresh for Beauty

Refresh for Beauty

Every month at AFI Ploiesti ladies and girls are in the spotlight!

AFI Ploiesti and Apollo Beauty Salon know that women deserve to be spoiled to any occasion. That is why they are invited every month, from 10th to 19th, subscribe for the contest “Refresh for Beauty” contest.

We know that as much as they would like, most of the time the ladies don’t put themselves first and they don’t offer themselves a few moments of spoil. AFI Ploiesti offers you the chance to enjoy some moments of spoil and a refresh for beauty.

How do you participate in the contest?

  • Answer to the question: “How do you relax after a hardworking day?”
  • Attach the hashtags #AFIPloiesti #RefreshPentruFrumusete  #OZiDePusInRama to your answer and you will automatically enter into the lucky draw.

You can be the winner for a total look transformation offered by AFI Ploiesti and Apollo Beauty Salon AFI Ploiesti!

A day to put on every woman’s frame!

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