The Talking Pumpkin

The Talking Pumpkin

At AFI Ploiesti children get the chance to socialize and develop their imagination through painting!

Join us this Halloween at a creativity workshop and networking event to help children overcome their shyness.

For 2 hours we will be decorating pumpkins with the help of painter Raluca Enver. Also, we will organize a raffle with surprises and kids will interact with one another and experience team work firsthand in order to develop their social skills.

The event is for children above 4 years old.

To register, leave a message at Facebook – Vitejie pe tocuri by Loredana Chelba.

Please note that places are limited.

We are waiting for you on 28th of October, between 12-14 at the event ‘The Talking Pumpkin’ in AFI Ploiești!