At AFI Ploiesti, real discounts are known at first sight, and on Valentine’s Day you can win a super prize to help you express your love properly.
Start finding the articles that have #DiscountsLabel in AFI Ploiesti shops and you can win an AFI Gift Card of 200 lei.

To win this AFI Gift Card, you need to follow the below steps:

1) Enter the stores from AFI Ploiesti which have the sticker #DiscountsLabel;

2) Find the article with #DiscountsLabel and make a picture of it according to the instructions on the back of the label;

3) Follow AFI Ploiesti Facebook page from 30th of January to 10th of February;

4) To the contest post, insert the picture in the comments, with the #DiscountsLabel.

Contest period: 30th of January – 10th of February.

We wish you good luck to find the discounts labels!

DiscountsLabel Regulation