The Land of Imagination

The Land of Imagination

At AFI Ploiesti, the series of interactive shows and workshops for children and parents offered by the actors from “Teatrul din Podul Meu” continues in January.

Every Friday, starting from 18:30, we will have an entertainment show or workshop dedicated to children between 0 -3 years old or between 3 to 7 years old depending on the schedule. These activities will take place in a specially arranged space in AFI Ploiesti, near Cinema City.

The concept of the “Teatrul din Podul Meu” events are specially designed for parents and children to participate together in order to learn, interact and discover the world. In the “Land of Imagination” anything is possible, so we invite you every Friday evening, to enter this magical world of childhood and spend quality time with your little ones.

In the “Land of Imagination”, knowledge is important, but we pay special attention to imagination. Every great thing ever conceived was first imagined!

Relive your childhood together with your kids through the “The Land of Imagination” workshops.

To register for the workshops, please send an e-mail to the following address: marketingploiesti@afi-europe.roAccess is based on the confirmation received by e-mail from the AFI Ploiesti team.

If it’s Friday, at AFI Ploiesti you are walking in “The Land of Imagination”!