On June 1st, the Dancing Lion is waiting for you to start the fun!

On June 1st, the Dancing Lion is waiting for you to start the fun!

Zone 1 – ROAR’N’MOVE (Body Sensor) – children will be fascinated by the lion’s dancing talent, they will learn his movements, and then they will dance together. We didn’t forget the little ones either: here they will find temporary tattoos and face painting, for a very colorful day!

Zone 2 – BUTTERFLY MAGIC (Drawing / Scanning) – What is more beautiful than seeing your drawn butterfly come to life on your phone screen? Maybe only the other activities here – face painting and motor development games, in which the butterflies will also take part.

Zone 3 – SAFARI DREAMS (Virtual Reality) – With VR glasses you will have the most thrilling Safari trip, after which the fun continues with skill games and face painting.

Zone 4 – MONKEY ADVENTURE (Motion Sensor) – A meeting between the real and the virtual world, in which we will do the opposite than in the jungle: the children will imitate the monkey! And, just like in the “Jungle Book”, they will learn from the monkeys about how to play in a team.

Between June 1 and 15, AFI Ploiesti brings the wildness of the jungle to the middle of the city! The “Wild Nature” exhibition promises to offer a memorable experience for the whole family through activities, surprises and team games, skills or virtual reality! Details on afi-ploiesti.ro