The “Wild Nature” exhibition

The “Wild Nature” exhibition

Between June 1 and 15, AFI Ploiesti brings the wildness of the jungle to the middle of the city! The “Wild Nature” exhibition promises to offer a memorable experience for the whole family through activities, surprises and team games, skills or virtual reality!

Zone 1 – the walkway near Mango store

Roar ‘n’ Move: Experience the charm of the dancing lion by moving to the rhythm of the dance. The children will become a bunny, and after warming up, they will imitate the lion dance, and then they will dance together. (Body Sensor)

Zone 2 – central walkway

Butterfly Magic: Scan children’s artistic butterfly drawings, watch how the drawn butterflies magically come to life on the screen. Children will see their drawings of butterflies flying on the screen. (Drawing/Scanning)

Zone 3 – the walkway near SMYK store

Safari Dreams: Step into a meticulously recreated ecosystem. Through the VR glasses you will have the most thrilling Safari journey, starting with the ride with the elephant, and then interacting with the other animals. (Virtual Reality)

Zone 4 – the walkway near Colins store

Monkey Adventure: Monkey jumps to bananas and to new adventures! A meeting between the real and the virtual world for children, which allows them to imitate a monkey while it collects bananas and avoids coconuts. (Motion sensor)